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Here's to helping people
DELICIOUSLY  navigate the
pop culture with their Health & Wellness in mind.



Sandi Rechenmacher is a holistic nutritionist helping people, young and old, achieve optimal health through Disease Prevention strategies.  She teaches the 'Why' behind each scrumptious bite we eat so that we can venture out on our own, making healthy decisions from dawn to dusk. 


Her inspiration comes from a lineage of health-conscious elders who have lovingly shared their 197 years of secrets gleaned from Nature's Wonders.


"Our bodies want to be healthy. We just need to fuel them with the foods that they were designed to burn."


Come along and learn about our Human Microbiome (the 10-100 trillion 'bugs' that accompany us each day) which keeps our immune system in tip-top order and our brains as clever as ever.



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