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About Sandi

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'About me' is really about YOU!


My healthy journey started over 40 years ago when I was involved with the California Food Co-op movement and was motivated, as were all of us young activists, under the banner 'Food for People, NOT for Profit.' We set out to take back control of our food/nutrition from the corporations that had been deciding what was the best way to feed our bodies. 


Between then and now I've owned a natural foods store, became an organic gardener, taught nutrition education and cooking classes, raised three children on the 'big-backyard-garden-to-table' experience, became a nutritionist (consultant), and presently teach science-based nutrition 'info-dining' classes designed by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM, Washington, D. C. /Dr. Neal Barnard's amazing non-profit), present in-home healthy cooking shows through Saladmaster (US manufacturer of state-of-the-art cookware systems), and consult passionately.  


And WHY do I do this? My goal is to help others get 'off the grid' of eating man-made, corporate food-like substances and 'return to the garden' where Mother Nature provides nourishment that ALWAYS bests anything and everything designed by humankind. 


So... it's really about YOU! Or better said, it's about us. When any one of us gets healthier, the planet gets healthier. The 'Food for People, NOT for Profit!' banner may be a little weathered (40+ years), and yet it holds truer today than ever.


My dedication is to helping YOU explore your next step(s) along your healing path, avoiding unhealthy and treacherous corporate Pleasure Trap pitfalls, so that we can live joyfully, creatively, & deliciously. 

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