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Together, we'll come up with a plan which focuses on strengthening YOUR 'weakest links.'


Consultations are designed with YOU in mind. 

We'll explore your biography and biology to unearth the clues and details (body, mind, and spirit) that will lead us to designing 'your plan' and your next best steps to wellness. 


These meetings are customized and fashioned to listen to your presenting concerns, and to help you find answers to pressing conditions and questions. I share nutrition science-based guidelines and resources to turn your 'homework' into 'hum-work' so that you can look forward to the adventures ahead in joy and with happy, satisfied tastebuds.


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For consultation descriptions see SERVICES page.


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Stand-alone consults are welcome, as well. 




Whole Foods, Plant-Based

Microbiome / Digestive Support

Healthy cooking / meal planning


Eating for Disease PREVENTION (i.e. COVID19)

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