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Resources to 'Live For'

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Insights
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Cntr for Nutrition Science

Barnard Medical Center

McDougall Health/Medical Center

Trusted Organizations: (Dr. Neal Barnard)

Nutrition Facts (Dr. Michael Greger)

McDougall Health/Medical Center

Cntr for Nutrition Sci (T. Colin Campbell)

Prevent/Reverse Heart Dis. (Dr. Esselstyn)

Plantrician Project (Dr. Scott Stoll)

Lifestyle Medicine (Dr. Dean Ornish)

Esteem Dynamics (Dr. Doug Lisle)

Moving Med Forward (Dr. Michael Klaper)

Nutrition Evidence-Based Doctors/Medical Professionals:  
Neal Barnard - PCRM, Wash. D. C. 

John McDougall - Santa Rosa, CA

T. Colin Campbell - Cornell, NY

Caldwell Esselstyn - Cleveland Clinic

Dean Ornish - Sasalito, C

Doug Lisle - Santa Rosa, CA

Michael Greger - Wash. D. C.

Michael Klaper - Santa Rosa, CA

David Katz - Yale

Thomas M. Campbell

Joel Fuhrman - Flemington, NJ

Alan Goldhamer- Santa Rosa, CA

Jeff Novic - NY

Garth Davis - Houston, TX

Joel Kahn - Ferndale, MI

Matt Lederman / Alona Pulde

Pam Popper

Ginny Messina / Jack Norris, Davis, CA

Julianna Hever 

Will Bulsiewicz - Plant Fed Gut/ NC

***Cyrus Khambatta and Robby Barbaro 

     Diabetes Masters!!! Check out the Free 

     Chapter 3 from their book (on Insulin 

     Resistance - what we all should know!)

Whole Food, Plant-Based 
Recipe Sites (oil free) 
PCRM 21 Day Vegan (free app)
     Recipes and Archive
Dr. John and Mary McDougall, recipes
Forks Over Knives, recipes
Cntr Nut Studies, Plant-Based Diet recipes
Game Changers, recipes
Where to Dine, Plant-Based
Happy Cow, Veg Dining, VegGuide
Videos - check availability on line

          Forks Over Knives ***

What the Health ***

The Game Changers ***

Cowspiracy ***

Seaspiracy ***

Eating You Alive

Invisible Vegan online

Food Matters 

Unjunk Yourself *

Unjunk Yourself, Processed *

The Natural Effect  

Mouth Revolution

The Meatrix

Fighting Big Food Corporations

PodCast Interviewers

          PCRM's The Exam Room ***

          Plant Strong - Rip Esselstyn **

Rich Roll Youtube **

Chef AJ Youtube **


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