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Resources to 'Live For'

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Insights
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Cntr for Nutrition Science

Barnard Medical Center

McDougall Health/Medical Center

Trusted Organizations: (Dr. Neal Barnard)

Nutrition Facts (Dr. Michael Greger)

McDougall Health/Medical Center

Cntr for Nutrition Sci (T. Colin Campbell)

Prevent/Reverse Heart Dis. (Dr. Esselstyn)

Plantrician Project (Dr. Scott Stoll)

Lifestyle Medicine (Dr. Dean Ornish)

Esteem Dynamics (Dr. Doug Lisle)

Moving Med Forward (Dr. Michael Klaper)

Nutrition Evidence-Based Doctors/Medical Professionals:  
Neal Barnard - PCRM, Wash. D. C. 

John McDougall - Santa Rosa, CA

T. Colin Campbell - Cornell, NY

Caldwell Esselstyn - Cleveland Clinic

Dean Ornish - Sasalito, C

Doug Lisle - Santa Rosa, CA

Michael Greger - Wash. D. C.

Michael Klaper - Santa Rosa, CA

David Katz - Yale

Thomas M. Campbell

Joel Fuhrman - Flemington, NJ

Alan Goldhamer- Santa Rosa, CA

Jeff Novic - NY

Garth Davis - Houston, TX

Joel Kahn - Ferndale, MI

Matt Lederman / Alona Pulde

Pam Popper

Ginny Messina / Jack Norris, Davis, CA

Julianna Hever 

Will Bulsiewicz - Plant Fed Gut/ NC

***Cyrus Khambatta and Robby Barbaro 

     Diabetes Masters!!! Check out the Free 

     Chapter 3 from their book (on Insulin 

     Resistance - what we all should know!)

Whole Food, Plant-Based 
Recipe Sites (oil free) 
PCRM 21 Day Vegan (free app)
     Recipes and Archive
Dr. John and Mary McDougall, recipes
Forks Over Knives, recipes
Cntr Nut Studies, Plant-Based Diet recipes
Game Changers, recipes
Where to Dine, Plant-Based
Happy Cow, Veg Dining, VegGuide
Videos - 

         Invisible Vegan online

The Game Changers

Forks Over Knives

What the Health


Eating You Alive

Food Matters 

Unjunk Yourself 

Unjunk Yourself, Processed 

The Natural Effect  

Mouth Revolution

The Meatrix

Fighting Big Food Corporations

PodCast Interviewers

Rich Roll Youtube

Chef AJ Youtube


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