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Diet accounts for 35-60% risk factors for chronic diseases that can effectively be circumvented.  


Online Events

Join in with your Global Community and learn what 'they didn't teach you' in school.

31 Days of Inspiration to HEAL: Plant-Powered Food for Life
presented by Eat For The Earth

& Whole Food Plant Based Support Group

31 Days of January 2021
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Community Presentations:

More 'After COVID' !!!!!!

     Sunshine Villa, SC  TBA
     SC County Libraries TBA
     New Leaf Community Market TBA

These presentations are designed as

'Info-dining' experiences where I share nutrition science-based guidelines and resources to help expand your awareness of simple healthy steps that you can take on your journey toward optimal health

and wellness. Savory samples provided. Blessings of joy and happy tastebuds ahead!


Eating for a Healthy Microbiome 

Living in Your Right Body Size

Brain Health

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Attend an Online Presentation
January 2021

Monday, Jan 4, 6-7:15 pm PST

       A Game with your Mouth

Monday, Jan 11 6-7:15 pm PST

       My Good Bugs and Me!

Monday, Jan 18, 6-7:15 pm PST
       A Game with your Mouth

Monday, Jan 25, 6-7:15 pm PST

       My Good Bugs and Me!


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Host a Presentation, giving yourself and others an opportunity to take full responsibility for your health and happiness. 


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Your family's/community's and your personal futures are in your hands. 


Choose (or request) a Presentation Topic:

Human Microbiome / Digestive Health

Weight Loss


Diabetes, Heart Disease

Aging and Brain Health 

Athletic Edge with Plant Based Eating

Family Health - Kids and their Parents

Eating Well on a Budget


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Host a Cooking Class or Party


Gather round with family and or friends and expand your nutrition and food preparation awareness. Learn how to ferment vegetables (sauerkraut, kimchi), make vegan cheeses, healthy desserts, snacks, EASY and QUICK meals OR design your specific curriculum and

let's share, cook, sample!!!

Nutrition Consultant, Educator, Speaker

PCRM Food for Life Instructor

Healthy Lifestyle Presentations

Organic Gardener

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