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Coronavirus = Transformative Opportunities

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Flatten the Curve through Nutrition

Welcome to the Global 10-Day Jumpstart!

Hope inspires exceptionally creative adventures, and this Jumpstart is one not to be missed. Join the Global Community and learn how to flatten COVID19's curve. We don't need to be victims of this virus, as we have Mama Nature's amazing ingenuity at work for us. The nutrition science pioneers of PlantPure Communities (science advisor, Dr. T. Colin Campbell) will share insights gained over the past 40+ years. Feed the 'Good Bugs' of your microbiome while starving out the 'Bad Bugs.' Learn Lifestyle measures that will promote greatest microbial defenses.

See you there! April 19 through April 28, 2020

Websites for Corona Virus Updates:

Center for Nutrition Science

Barnard Medical Center

McDougall Health/Medical Center

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