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Consider this your 'Next Baby Step' to Wellness -> Oats

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Oats for Breakfast!

Oats contain something that our good bugs (especially gut bugs/microbes) truly get excited about... which is FIBER and most specifically soluble fiber (that gooey substance also noticed when cooking potatoes and beans). Our good bugs convert fiber to short chain fatty acids (SCFA) which in turn are used to

  • Nourish the gut lining and support digestive processes

  • Enhance the immune system and offer disease protection

  • Support brain processes and balance mental states

  • And more….

Did you know that our bodies are home to around 100K trillion microbial friends (we strive to feed only our good bugs) who are very busy working to keep us healthy and happy? Some of these creatures only have a 20-minute lifetime.

The fiber foods that we feed them also support successive populations which you will witness (as your populations grow) as healthy amounts of poo (60% of your poo consists of spent microbes).

What else does FIBER do?

Besides being the #1 Good Bug Fuel, it...

  • Cleans via soluble and insoluble characteristics Escorts excess cholesterol, drugs, fats, hormones, and toxins out of body

  • Satiates, fills stomach stimulating stretch receptors when full

  • Regulates the bowels, keeping all moving and grooving

  • Lowers Blood Sugar Levels, slowing down glucose absorption

  • It comes packaged with nutrient rich macronutrients with low calories

  • It also comes packaged with protective micronutrients and antioxidants

FIBER is found in plants (not in animals or animal products). So help out and at more plants!

Wake Up and greet your day and your 100K billion friends with a bowl of oats.

How to OATS...

See numerous recipes in Recipe Box: 'Oats for Breakfast in 8 Ways.'

Enjoy different shapes, forms, textures, and tastes of yummy Oaty-Eats.

Surprise yourself and treat your family to some fabulously, scrumptious Oat-Hearty Breakfasts. My grandkids are currently favoring Granola Dough!

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