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New Dietary Guidelines: Eat More Veggies - 3 Recipes

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

RE: recently issued USDA/DHHS Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020.

Although the new guidelines suggest eating more vegetables (see as announced on the National Institutes of Health page), they also propose a grand faux-pax!

Dr. John McDougall at times expresses discontent and impatience with a process that he has been dealing with for the past 30 years of practice, and rightfully so. His irritation stems from the fact that the USDA fails again and again to guide its people towards dietary health and wellness. The problem appears to be that this sector of the government is highly influenced by agribusiness and food corporations who are much more interested in their bottom line (profit) than anyone's health.

PCRM (Dr. Neal Barnard's Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine non-profit) along with Dr. McDougall (and 3 other doctors) have issued a law suit against DGAC (2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee) for leading it's patients towards illness and disease over healthy dietary choices.

“Physicians Committee members who are laypersons are harmed by the DGAC’s (2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee) recommendations, and will be further harmed by Defendants’ adoption of the unlawfully developed recommendations as part of the Dietary Guidelines, because these members and their families are being misled as to the harmful effects of cholesterol, which in turn has a direct bearing on their health and their families’ health. Physicians Committee members who are physicians are harmed by the DGAC’s recommendations, and will be further harmed by Defendants’ adoption of the unlawfully developed recommendations as part of the Dietary Guidelines, because the recommendations and any Dietary Guidelines adopting them impair the health of these physicians’ patients and interfere with patient education and care, thus impairing their relationships with patients and making it more difficult for these physicians to accomplish their professional objectives of keeping their patients healthy.” (read full law suit )

PCRM and concerned doctors want to “inform the public that the DGAC’s recommendations reflect the views and interests of the egg industry rather than sound public health advice.”

Why is the science that shows the harmful health effects of a cholesterol-laden diet and the health benefits associated with limiting or avoiding eggs and other products high in cholesterol now being overlooked? Listen to Dr. John McDougall's address regarding this recent proclamation.

Dr. McDougall insists that the recommendations should be to eat "as little dietary cholesterol as possible meaning to follow a diet like the McDougall Plan" (or PCRM's) which both focuses on fiber-rich starches, vegetables, and fruits. (Note: Animal products are dietary sources of excess cholesterol and saturated fat. Our bodies make all the cholesterol and saturated fats that they need. Our focus should be on cleansing, fiber-rich foods found only in plants.

Following are Just a few healthy scrumdiddlyumptious egg-less, cholesterol-free alternatives to 'live for.'

1. Breakfast Tofu Scramble with brain-healthy turmeric

2. Chocolate Mousse

3. Tofu Burgers

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